Labosport Certification Program

Today, home owners, architects, municipalities and parks designers have the choice between an ever-increasing number of artificial turf solutions for their projects. In order to support their choice, we propose to measure objectively the performance of landscaping turf products.

Besides the aspect and color of the turf, users are looking for three essential qualities : long term durability (i.e. resistance to traffic & weather), a similar feel to natural grass and a sustainable product.

Key aspects of the Fiber Performance Index for landscape turf


The turf goes trough an exhaustive 6000 cycle compression test simulating traffic and use.
The higher the score, the more traffic resistant the turf.


The turf is intensively exposed to UV in the laboratory, simulating the most demanding climatic conditions.

The higher the score, the more weather resistant the turf.


The turf softness is evaluated by a panel of experts.

The higher the score, the more comfortable and soft the turf.


The turf composition is analyzed with the latest technology.

A score of 60 and above indicates that the products follows most up-to- date environmental regulations.

Results and Index

Each turf is measured according to these criteria and then graded on a scale of 1–100 in each category.
The result is a final FPI, the Fiber Performance Index, which describes the overall fiber quality.

Download documents :
2017 Landscape Fiber Performance Index
Frequently Asked Questions landscape FPI – ENG

LABOSPORT Fiber Performance Index – a trusted program by a trusted brand

For over two decades Labosport has been pioneering the synthetic turf industry for sports applications and intensive use. Labosport is an ISO 17025 accredited test institute recognized as one of leading companies involved in synthetic turf testing and technical consulting.